10.3. Add a Tool

This page describes the process of adding new Docker image to the Docker registry.

Docker CLI has to be installed.

A registry has to be configured to use Cloud Pipeline (CP) authentication system (see 10.1. Add/Edit a Docker registry). In case of registry doesn't use CP authentication system - contact your system administrators for registry access details.

  1. Go to the Tools tab and choose a registry.
  2. Click the Gear icon → How to configure?
  3. Copy and paste a command from the Login into cloud registry section (a) into the Terminal, then run it. This command installs registry certificate and uses docker login command to access the registry.
    Note: this command requires "root" rights.

    Copy and run instructions from the Push a local docker image to the cloud registry section (b) consequentially to add the Tool to the registry:

    1. Create environment variable (MY_LOCAL_DOCKER_IMAGE) that holds the name of the Docker image;
    2. Tag the image you want to push with the domain name or IP address and the port of the Docker registry;
    3. Push the image to the registry.
      Example: here we push "hello-world" image to the registry "", "library" Tool group.

    Troubleshooting section (c) contains information about fixing common problems that may appear during the execution of docker login or docker pull/push commands.

  4. Make sure that image was pushed to the registry and enabled in the Tools tab.
    Note: Tool will be automatically enabled only if CP authentication is configured for the registry.

Note: If registry doesn't use CP authentication system, after the image was pushed do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Tools tab.
  2. Choose a Registry and a Tool group.
  3. Click the Gear icon → + Enable Tool.  
  4. Write the name of the pushed image. Registry and Tool group will be already written for you.