5.4. Launch a run configuration on metadata

To launch a run configuration on metadata a user shall have the following permissions:

  • READ permissions a for folder contains metadata items;
  • READ and EXECUTE permissions for a run configuration.

For more information see 13. Permissions.

A user could launch a run configuration on selected metadata from the metadata space.
To launch a run configuration, the following steps shall be performed:

  1. Navigate to the desired folder with metadata items.
  2. Tick desired metadata items (see the picture below, 1).
  3. Click Run button (see the picture above, 2) - and the "Select configuration" pop-up window will be open.
    Note: Clicking on a configuration item, you'll see configuration's parameters. The second click will hide the parameters.
    Note: if you want to choose a run configuration with Root entity that differs from selected metadata items, please, specify it in "Define expression" field. To learn more about expressions, see here.
  4. Click "OK" button - and the runs will be scheduled. You'll be redirected into Run space automatically.