12.3. Create a new user

User shall have ROLE_ADMIN to create a new user.

  1. Navigate to User management tab.
  2. Click + Create user control.
  3. The Create user form will be opened. This form contains the following sections:
    • Name - a new user's name.
    • Default data storage - drop-down list suggested a default data storage to the created user.
    • Assign group or role - drop-down list suggested the existing roles and groups assign.
    • View of roles and groups that are assigned to a new user.
      Note: the groups and roles, marked as default, will be shown.
  4. Enter a name for the new user.
    Note: there is no restriction to username format, but it is highly recommended to name a user according to your SSO scheme.
  5. Select a default data storage if it is necessary.
  6. Select desired groups and roles to assign the new user.
  7. Click the Create button and the new user will be displayed in the Users tab table.