4. Manage Folder

One of the key objects represented in the "Library" space is Folder. It is an entity similar to the directories in the file system. Folders are used to structure other CP objects. Folders can be arranged into a tree like a file system, which helps to store information divided by departments, users, programs or other logical groups.
Note: there is a special type of Folder - a Project. For details see here.

"Details" view

"Details" panel shows contents of the selected folder: subfolders, files, pipelines etc.


The following buttons are available at the top of the "Details" view of the folder:

Upload metadata

"Upload metadata" (1) control allows a user to upload new metadata entities (e.g. Samples, Participants) from the .csv/.tsv/.tdf files in a project or another folder selected by a user. It helps to organize and manage metadata in a user's workspace (project or some sandbox folder for collecting metadata). Learn more 5.2. Upload metadata.

+ Create

A user can add:

"Displays" icon

The control (3) includes options to change view of the page:


Feature Description
Descriptions This feature makes visible addition description for child objects:
  • child objects' attributes
  • description in creating form if it exists.
Attributes Attributes control opens/closes attributes pane. Folder's attributes - keys (a) and values (b) will be represented in the metadata pane on the right:


Note: If a selected folder has any defined attribute, Attributes pane is shown by default. See how to edit attributes here.
Issues This feature shows/hides the issues of the current folder to discuss. To learn more see here

"Gear" icon

There are the following features in "Gear" (4) icon:

Feature Description
Edit folder Rename a folder and set permissions for the folder. See 4.2. Rename folder and 13. Permissions.
Clone This feature helps to copy the current folder and its child objects. See more 4.4. Clone a folder.
Lock/Unlock You can save your folder and its content from changes by locking it. Learn more 4.5. Lock a folder.
Delete A user can delete a folder with the Delete icon. A folder will be deleted if metadata is stored only. See 4.3. Delete Folder.

Child objects controls


Control CP objects Description
Delete Folder Delete (1) a current folder. Learn more 4.3. Delete Folder.
Discussion Folder, Pipeline This icon (2) allows to create discussion threads in child objects: you can create a topic, leave comments and address them to a specific user. To learn more see here.
Run Pipeline Allows running a pipeline from the parent folder. Click on the icon (3) and the Launch form page will be open. See 6.2. Launch a pipeline.
Edit Pipeline, Data storage, Run configuration Click this icon (4) to edit basic CP object's information: name, description, etc.