JavaScript implementation

The JavaScript example implementation of the Usage scenario offers a Web form, that allows to specify the job input parameters and submit it into the Cloud Pipeline via the API.


  • NodeJS 10.15.3+
  • npm 6.4.1+

Setup the configuration

Locate the JavaScript sample application at js_example or clone the the Cloud Pipeline repository

git clone
cd cloud-pipeline/docs/md/api/API_tutorials/attachments/js_example/

Open the configuration file config.js and replace the following values:

  • <host> - set to the host of the Cloud Pipeline API
  • <storage_id> - set to the ID of the bucket, that is going to be used as a "working directory" FASTQ files and processing results will placed into this bucket

Start the application

# Install dependencies and start the app
# UI will be served on
npm install
npm run start

Application description

Once app is built and loaded in the web-browser one can perform the following operations:

  • Setup the cellranger parameters
  • Set the location of the FASTQ files
  • Choose the transcriptome
  • Specify the "workdir", where the job will keep the results


  • Once the job parameters are set, user can click LAUNCH and the job is submitted to the Cloud Pipeline backend via the HTTP/REST API


  • Application will poll the Cloud Pipeline API until the job is finished
  • Once done, application will load the cellranger's data processing summary from the job results folder and display it in the web-browser