12.11. Advanced features via System Preferences

User shall have ROLE_ADMIN to configure system-level settings.

Setup swap files for the Cloud VMs

In certain cases jobs may fail with unexpected errors if the compute node runs Out of memory.

Admin users can configure a default swap file to the compute node being created. This allow to avoid runs failures due to memory limits.

To configure the size and the location of the swap:

  1. Open the Settings pop-up
  2. Click the Preference tab
  3. Select the Cluster section
  4. Click in the field under the cluster.networks.config label
  5. Insert the similar json block into a region/cloud specific configuration:
    • swap_ratio - defines a swap file size. It is equal the node RAM multiplied by that ratio. If ratio is 0, a swap file will not be created (default value: 0)
    • swap_location - defines a location of the swap file. If that option is not set - default location will be used (default: AWS will use SSD/gp2 EBS, Azure will use Temporary Storage)
  6. Click the Save button
  7. Click the OK button
  8. Now, while launch any pipeline, you can see specified swap settings in the run logs:
  9. To check that settings were applied, open SSH session and input the swapon command: