15. Interactive services


Interactive services - a feature of the Cloud Pipeline that allows to set up an interactive application in a cloud infrastructure and access it via the web interface, leveraging cloud large instances.
This is useful when some analysis steps shall be performed in interactive mode. It can also be useful for navigating through the execution environment and for testing purposes.

  • Debug scripts, that shall be used in batch jobs
  • Perform data post-processing using IDE
  • Install/Delete/Update software.

In the Cloud Pipeline, both Tools and Pipelines can be run as interactive services.

Supported services

Out of the box, Cloud Pipeline provides the following interactive services:

  • RStudio - IDE for R language that helps to make work with R a great deal more convenient. For details see https://www.rstudio.com/.
  • Jupiter Notebook - a web application that allows creating documents with code pieces, visualizations and narrative text inside. For more information see http://jupyter.org/.
  • Terminal - a window with a command line (shell).
    Note: Terminal access is available for all Tools or Pipelines with these Tools. On the other side, you can't get an access to the e.g. Rstudio application if a Tool doesn't contain it.

List of services can be extended by users.