5.1. Add/Delete metadata items

To manage metadata items, a user shall have WRITE permission for the parent folder and the ROLE_ENTITY_MANAGER role. For more information see 13. Permissions.

A user is able to add metadata item manually.

Add metadata item

To add metadata item the following steps shall be performed:

  1. Navigate to Metadata of the desired folder or project.
    Note: or navigate to specific metadata entity folder, e.g. Participant, Sample, etc.
  2. Click CP_AddDeleteMetadata control - the pop-up window is open.
  3. Fill up the required fields:
    • ID. It should be a unique identification for a new metadata item.
    • Type. Choose the metadata item type, e.g. Participant, Sample, etc
      Note: if you clicked CP_AddDeleteMetadata control from the specific metadata entity folder, the type would be set by default, but you would be able to change it.
  4. Click Add parameter to set attributes for the new metadata instance. It could be:
    • String attribute. You can add an attribute with any name and value.
    • Link to a metadata entity. You can choose a link to what a metadata entity you want to add as an attribute, e.g. set a link to a participant existing in the CP as a sample's attribute.
  5. Click Create - the new metadata item will be created and shown in the chosen metadata entity table.

Delete metadata item

To delete metadata item the following steps shall be performed:

  1. Navigate to the metadata entity table that contains the metadata item you want to delete.
  2. Tick one metadata item or more - the bulk operation group of buttons is enabled.
  3. Click CP_AddDeleteMetadata button.
  4. Confirm your choice in the dialog window.
  5. The items are removed.